"On 'Dune' I was employed by Producer Raffaella de Laurentiis as the 
Senior Special Effects Supervisor, in charge of all physical, pyrotechnic, atmospheric 
and special engineering projects. 
This included wire rigs and full scale moving sections of the sand worm.
Sections that required actors to perform on, or alongside. 
I also supervised the physical effects (i.e. wind and sandstorm effects) 
on all the model shooting of the sand worm, which Carlo Rambaldi's crew created. 
Naturally I had a great international crew, including Frederico Farfan 
and his merry band of Mexican floor effects technicians. 
John Stirber, assisted me with the project of flying the Baron, and I had 
a really talented bunch of English and Spanish boys assisting in all the tasks that 
we had to tackle on this very complex production."
Kit West - Senior Special Effects Supervisor
Hunter Seeker
Fighter Robot
The flying Baron
Sand, Sand, Sand
dRabbans Bathtub
DUNE - The start of an exciting and multidimensional production.
Francesca Anis (Lady Jessica), Kyle MacLachlan (Paul Atreides) and the author 
of the novel, Frank Herbert. 
Take 2. Director David Lynch likes the enthusiasm of the new clapper boy.